Presbyopia or the “how long is your arm??” condition is something that we all have to look forward to. The word is actually derived from a Greek word that means “old eye”. Lucky us huh?? As we age (or mature) the lens within our eye loses elasticity causing us to not be able to accommodate for up-close vision. That’s when we get to hear the dreaded word BIFOCALS!

We however live in a time with excellent technology, which means that we have options! Calling all contact lens wearers! There are now multi-focal contact lenses that actually work. Over the past 5 years, contact lens manufacturers have been developing new technology within the multi-focal lenses. Not only with patients’ vision, but with the comfort as well. Eyeglass wearers! New digitally surfaced multi-focal lenses are providing a smooth transition for you when it’s time to switch from a single vision to a multi-focal design. Newer technology has eliminated a lot of the distortion that people used to experience which deterred them from wanting a no-line multi-focal lens. With the latest lens designs, you can still expect to have exceptional vision (without having the noticeable line indicating to others that you are wearing a bifocal).

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