Back to School

The carefree days of summer are in full swing. Kids are busy having fun swimming, camping, hanging out and relaxing. But like all good things, summer will come to a close and it will be time to head back to the classroom. Getting ready for school can be hectic. With all you have to do, don’t forget about your child’s eyes. Good vision is key to succeeding at school. Contrarily, if visual skills are lacking, a child will have to work harder to learn. 80% of all learning occurs visually, meaning children with poor vision are at a major disadvantage. A comprehensive eye exam is essential for back-to-school success.

Here at Magna Family Eyecare, Dr. White can diagnosis near- and far-sightedness, astigmatism, and many other visual disorders that may be explaining a child’s difficulties with school work. Sometimes it is an easy fix with glasses being prescribed for full time use, just for near work, or anything in between. Other times there are more serious eye disorders that may require eye patching treatment, vision therapy, or even surgery.

Magna Family Eyecare is here to help you check vision care off your list. Schedule your child for an eye exam now so they will be ready to go back to school with A+ vision. Additionally we have a great selection of kid’s frames and a caring staff to help your child see and look great with their new glasses.

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