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Does Your Parent Have Low Vision?

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Visit Our Salt Lake City Low Vision Center for Help

Many people have an aging parent who lives with some type of visual impairment. That’s because a variety of age-related eye diseases and vision conditions can cause low vision, such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration. Regardless of which ocular problem led to your parent’s visual problems, their quality of life is reduced. At our Salt Lake City eye care office, our low vision specialists can help restore some of their visual independence, thereby enhancing the ability to enjoy life!

Specialized Eye Exams at Our Low Vision Center

Many people with low vision hear the word eye exam and think, “Another eye exam? How will that help?” At Magna Family Eyecare, we understand that your parent has probably been told already that there is no way to improve their vision. However, that’s not a reason to give up! We offer a range of customized aids and strategies to maximize remaining vision. For example, we can fit your parent with  telescopic eyeglasses, prismatic eyeglasses for macular degeneration, or binoculars with glasses. A through low vision eye exam is the best way for us to recommend the most effective visual aid for someone who suffers from vision loss.

We will evaluate:

  1.       The amount of vision your parent needs to perform the activities he or she wants to do
  2.       How much remaining vision your parent has
  3.       The optimal type of magnification aid for their personal condition and needs

Low Vision Aids in Salt Lake City

We stock a wide variety of affordable low vision devices, with a selection that goes way beyond drugstore magnifiers. With the appropriate aid, your parent can return to reading, watching TV, using a computer, and identifying the faces of friends and family.

Our selection includes:

  • Telescope glasses:  a small device that can be attached to regular glasses, so vision problems (like nearsightedness) will still be corrected at the same time that the telescope helps with vision loss
  • Prismatic glasses for macular degeneration:  specialized eyeglasses that enhance magnification and reduce blind spots by modifying the path of light through the lenses
  • Binoculars with glasses: these can be mounted high on eyeglasses, which allows the wearer to use them only when necessary, such as to read faraway signs

Low Vision Device Fitting

We won’t simply send your mother or father home with a low vision aid and wish them luck. We will make sure that the device fits properly and fulfills their needs. We will also provide instruction on the most efficient ways to use every particular aid.

There is no reason for anyone to simply settle for reduced vision. Make an appointment at our Low Vision Center in Salt Lake City, to see all the ways we can help your parent maximize their eyes and quality of life.

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