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Can Custom Contact Lenses Help Patients With Keratoconus?

Scleral Lenses 1266x200

Salt Lake City patients with Keratoconus or corneal scarring will often face difficulties such as stinging/redness/swelling, blurry vision, difficulty driving during the night, and difficulty wearing contact lenses. Keratoconus patients in Utah should be happy to know that using an advanced, custom-made contact lens you will have comfort and clarity of vision like never before.

So what are these custom contact lenses?

Scleral lenses are more than just custom made contacts. They are also extremely wide, which allows them to vault over the eye.

Why is this “vaulting design”important?

This design allows for three major improvements for patients with Keratoconus in Salt Lake City.

  1. The contact lens rests on the white of the eye, reducing pain from the sensitive areas of the eye.
  2. This vaulted design creates a new corneal layer, with drastic improvements in clarity and quality of vision day and night.
  3. Between the lens and the eye, the vaulted design allows for a liquid reservoir, keeping your eyes moist all day long.

In addition to the big three benefits of Scleral lenses for Keratoconus patients, there are additional benefits:

  1. Their size means they do not move around, which is an improvement of vision and comfort.
  2. Because they are larger they block out dust and dander which cause eye allergies. (Proper cleaning should be done to reduce the build-up of allergens on the lens).

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